Did you know that women, more than men, experience major stress?  Women often rate stress as 8, 9, or 10 on a 10-point scale. 


Women often sacrifice their needs while caring for everything else and everyone else.  That self-sacrifice leads to overload of responsibilities and demands at home and work.  Couple self-sacrifice with little or no self-care and it's the recipe for overload and STRESS!!


OVERLOAD & STRESS get in the way of you being your BEST SELF living your BEST LIFE. Relieve overload and stress to be healthier and happier enjoying the life you want and deserve.  


If you are a busy woman feeling the strain of overload or struggling with stress, I have good news for you.  I've created a electronic mini book that will show you how to identify the 2 common causes of overload and learn how purpose alignment prevents or relieves overload.  You'll also learn the importance of delegating tasks and priorities to your schedule.


The Help!  I Want Relief from Overload is designed for the busy career women often working through issues of perfectionism and challenges of delegation.  The book is available for download.  To get your FREE copy, click the button below. 


Overload often makes your roles and responsibilities feel heavy and burdened.  You feel that you are carrying the weight of the world.  As a result, overload can cause you to feel frazzled, fatigued, frustrated, pressured, and stressed.   Does this describe the life you want or deserve?!


It's possible to get relief from OVERLOAD and live the life you want.  Learn the how to use 2 keys to avoid and relieve OVERLOAD. 

It's true, we are all feeling the pressure these days and it's hard to know where to turn for help.  It can feel like we're constantly juggling a million things at once and we're never quite sure if we are doing it right. 

The Help!  I Want Relief from Overload is the answer you're looking for.  The mini book by career woman and wellness expert, Dr. Angela Harden-Mack, MD, will show you how to identify the causes of your overload and how to get relief from them.  With tips on purpose alignment and task delegation, this guide will empower you to take control of your life again.  


This mini book is for you if you are stretched, strained, and stressed from all the responsibilities you juggle on a daily basis.  You don't know how to cope with the overload and feel like you're constantly juggling too many balls in the air or walking a tightrope while trying to make everything work.  With Help!  I Want Relief from Overload, you will learn how to identify the causes of your stress and implement practical solutions that will help you manage your time more effectively.  You will feel empowered and confident as you take back control of your life.   The Help!  I Want Relief from Overload is an impactful mini book that empowers career women and female entrepreneurs to relieve overload.  With relief of overload and stress, you can anticipate personal and professional fulfillment.  

The mini book gives 2 keys to overcome overload:

  • ● Helps you get relief from overload
  • ● Identify 2 common causes of overload
  • ● Learn how purpose alignment works to prevent or relieve overload
  • ● Helps you identify the need to prioritize your schedule
  • Learn the importance of delegating tasks

 Use the 2 keys to start your journey from overloaded to at ease with time and more energy to Live Your Great Life enjoying satisfying personal lives and great careers.  

HELP! I Want Relief from OVERLOAD!

The mini book that gives you Two Keys to Overcome OVERLOAD giving relief that so you can feel LITE and live life with greater EASE.  

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